What is this blog about?

We wanted a place to help our minds reach out to our fellow customers and partners. As we d igged down into the many things happening around FetchBug, we came in need for a platform to write about our story as it is being written. This blog represents all our efforts and values towards a better platform, featuring product updates, security challenges, analytics and many different things that would allow us to share with everyone our day to day happenings.

If you have any concern, you can write an email to us and we will reach as soon as possible.


FetchBug is platform created towards collecting data and information while providing a fresh source of information for both developers and data-scientists.

We built this for you!

Data scientists and companies who need to have real, up to date information about products, services and value in México. FetchBug offers a solution, different from any national data service currently available. FetchBug has multiple bots running 24/7 that actively search for new data allowing users to have real time information fed into their prediction algorithms or business intelligence hubs.

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Let’s rock!

Our main idea with this blog is to keep our community and our partners informed about everything going on with the FetchBug service. We are happy to see you here!